Created by Top Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Anson, Edwards & Higgins

FIXMD combines cutting-edge, power-packed ingredients found in both science + nature to create the exclusive POWERPLEX, our age-disrupting complex, which is found in every product. Each ingredient is present in a strong enough concentration to change the skin, without overloading it. This unique complex addresses all factors in stress-based aging to create a skin that refuses to act its age.
Skin that refuses to act its age exhibits a youthful bounce and suppleness. Skin color and tone are even and radiant as it glows from within. Fine lines and wrinkles are softened, inflammation is calmed, and the skin is firm, dense, and resilient, just like younger skin. With the protection POWERPLEX provides, the skin is shielded from daily aggressors, so your youthful results last!

"As plastic surgeons, we are always here for you, but with FIXMD, you probably won’t need us!"

“FIXMD was developed to address skin issues we see in our office daily that are not directly treatable with plastic surgery, such as plumpness, smoothness, and glow - the hallmarks of healthy skin. The skin is assaulted on a regular basis from pollution, smoke, solar rays, HEV light, stress, inflammation, poor diet, and more, which lead to advanced aging.  
With FIXMD, we revolutionized what healthy skin means – it doesn’t just look younger, it works like younger skin.