About Us


Created by Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Anson, Dr. Edwards and Dr. Higgins.

FIXMD is based on our expertise and combined experience with skin aging.  
We recognize that even healthy, young skin must respond to external stressors including UV light, toxins, smoke, climate and diet.
Our skin has many refined systems designed to neutralize these influences but these mechanisms become less effective with age.
For optimal results, skincare products should comprehensively target every sign of aging – at the same time.

That’s why we developed FIXMD with our emphasis always on the main targets of the FIXMD TRIAD:

Taking full advantage of scientific research and technology to keep skin as healthy and youthful as possible – for as long as possible!

“As plastic surgeons we are on the front line of treating and reversing the aging process. Surgery can improve skin excess and contour, but the quality of skin is equally important. That means providing the most advanced skincare products for our patients.”
Dr. Anson, Dr. Higgins and Dr. Edwards.