Eye Cream That Mimics Botox | Dr. Anson

The eyes—the windows to our souls. Eye creams are important because the eyelid tissues are so thin + there’s constant wrinkling from animation. I personally love FIXMD Activate Eye Cream. It’s best eye cream I’ve bever used. Activate has several very cool active ingredients. My favorite is a peptide that mimics the effects of injectables, like Botox or Dysport. It’s much weaker, of course, but it helps smooth the eyelid muscle action. The matrix is strengthened by an additional peptide and a plant stem cell extract from an unusual, but very cool, alpine plant. Extracts from the mimosa tree + holy herb have been shown to strength the dermal matrix, reduce protein glycation + decrease pigment accumulation.


I like to use eye cream morning and night. During the day, it keeps the eyelids from looking dry. Makeup is easily applied over Activate without makeup smearing. To make it even better, Activate contains special textural ingredients that diffuses light and visually makes pores and fine irregularities less noticeable.