FIXMD is both anti-aging and youth preserving - so your skin not only looks younger, but it behaves like younger skin.

Our product collection was formulated to address natural aging on the biological level, but also to protect and rejuvenate the skin from environmental and daily aging aggressors, including stress, pollution, sunlight, harmful light from our devices, issues with diet and sleep, and many others. Are you ready for skin that looks and functions like more youthful skin? Get your FIX.



QVC Beauty


At FIXMD we are proud of our 3-year long partnership with QVC, a leader in quality and value, and the opportunity it allows us to speak to our customers in real-time.  

Presenting live, nationwide, to those we have created the product for, has been a humbling, rewarding, and enjoyable experience for our team.   The ability to educate on what makes FIXMD different and interact with our customers is indescribable for us.  It is our mission to help you achieve your best skin at any age and QVC has allowed us to do that on a whole new level.  

We look forward to many more years collaborating with QVC to bring our customers new and exclusive products at special pricing, and to reach each and every one of you who desires to change your skin and disrupt the aging process.  


Skincare Tips

What if you just want to avoid the word "alcohol" in your skincare altogether? Goesel Anson, MD, FACS, co-creator of FixMD, says this would be doing yourself a disservice: "If you excluded every ingredient that ends in OH [the chemical abbreviation for alcohol], you would be missing out on those that have more beneficial properties, like fatty alcohols."

New Beauty

Eye Creams Specifically Made for Aging Eyes

Unfortunately, the most obvious signs of aging take place on the one place people are always looking at: your eyes. Dark circles, sagging under-eye bags and crow’s-feet can age your face by years, oftentimes showcasing all those late nights out and damaging days in the sun that inevitably did quite a number on your eye area.

Beauty Independent

A Trio Of Doctors Takes FIXMD To QVC

“The reason why we called it FIXMD is because we, as surgeons, want to fix things. We don’t want to camouflage things,” says Higgins. “It’s a different mindset.” “We wanted to keep the system tight and easy-to-use for men and women to take out the guesswork,” he says. “You go to Sephora, and you can find literally 50 different products in one skincare line that has one hero ingredient. It’s confusing. Good luck to anybody who wants to understand what is really happening with those products.”


Holiday Gift Guide

Taking proper care of your skin is one of the most important things you can do for your beauty regime. Our favorite products are their LONGEVITY cell serum ($62), which strengthens and increases the skin’s firmness, and the ACTIVATE eye cream ($36) that brightens and tightens your under eye are and lids. You’ll look more rested than ever with these products in your arsenal.